Wow my first blog post

i totally ant believe I’m writing my first blog post i feel so important like a president. Everyone is going to read my insightful thoughts and like me (I hope) if not then…. Awkward lol

Journal entry: October 6th

Today was a good day, the sun was shining, I looked at it for a second and it was bright. Ever close your eyes after you look at the sun and still see it? That’s kind of like photosynthesis in a way when you think about it. Anyway a bee almost stung me but then I realized it was a leaf that was shaped funny. Ever stop and just think about how weird and crazy bees are? They just wad up and make honey out of flowers and the flowers are made out of dirt so like, they basically make honey out of dirt, how does that work? Wood also comes out of dirt, think about it.

Man I wish I had a girlfriend. My goal this fall/winter is to get one. I’ve never had one before. I tried talking to a girl last week but then I realized she wasn’t even talking to me she was talking on her phone, how rude.

Have any tips for me on how to get a girl? Please leave me a comment!!


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