Wow just wow!

Hallyween is almost here and I’m glad it’s my favorite Holiday next to Christmas and Thanksgiving. And Easter too. I want to dress up like a monkey but I can’t.

Ever stop and think about if monkeys could talk what they would even say!? That would be crazy They would be like, Hey! I’m so hairy, why is that? And people would be like WOW! Talking monkeys let’s have a party! And they would all be invited to the party and there would be plenty of bananas for everyone too eat. How funny!

I want to go trickertreating but I can’t. Ever think about candy a lot? When was it made and who invented it? I like Reese’s peanut butter cups, I ate 10 one time!


Another blog post again this is awesome!

today was fun a little. I ate a hamburger and then ate another one because I was still hungry. It was cold though.

i am still trying to find a girlfriend. My goal is to continue online dating. I can lie on there a lot better than in real life so maybe they will like me because in real life they don’t very much. I told a girl I was rich and tall, I lied about both but I think I may still have a chance because she said she likes Taylor swift and I do too.

ever think about movie stars and singers? Are they real people? I never see them anywhere except on the tv and internet, where are they at all the time? I’ve never seen one at the store ever,how do they eat?

Another blog again just wow!

hey everyone, thanks for visiting my blog. I want to let you guys in on my thoughts and we can share experiences together and be better people. I think so anyway.

my search continues for a new girlfriend, I looked on the Internet for one but she kept calling me Big Boy and I didn’t like that because that’s what I call my dog. And cat.

Sometimes I like to draw stuff like trees, but I’m not good, I’m going to keep practicing. Practice makes perfect sometimes. I pra coifed fishing but only caught one fish so I gave up, plus I didn’t want to touch it so I threw everything in the water lol even my candy bar too. And there was a bite left. How funny!

Another blog wow!

Wow! I am writing 2 blogs in 1 day that’s a record for me wow!

So earlier I ate a turkey sandwich with cheese on it, they are my favorite. Not spinach.

Ever think about computers? They are the greatest invention, you can write on them and see videos. My favorite is Taylor Swift.

Why are we alive for? Is it to do something great? I think I was put here by God to do something great, maybe help people. People need help sometimes, sometimes they get sad about things like cancer and diseases.

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My second blog wow!

this is my second blog how cool. ┬áIt is really cool that people read my thoughts. That’s almost like telekinesis except better. Yesterday was a good day. Yesterday was a good day. I saw a puppy, I hugged him and he was happy. Maybe it was a cat

Do you ever wonder why we get tired for? I do. I think it’s because when we get sleepy it’s because we are getting just a little older, you know what I mean? Just older basically.

i am still looking for a girlfriend. I asked a girl for her phone number today and she asked why, so I just walked away because I couldn’t answer that question.

Please leave a comment and let me know tips to get a girlfriend and to write better blogs! Thank you and God bless

Wow my first blog post

i totally ant believe I’m writing my first blog post i feel so important like a president. Everyone is going to read my insightful thoughts and like me (I hope) if not then…. Awkward lol

Journal entry: October 6th

Today was a good day, the sun was shining, I looked at it for a second and it was bright. Ever close your eyes after you look at the sun and still see it? That’s kind of like photosynthesis in a way when you think about it. Anyway a bee almost stung me but then I realized it was a leaf that was shaped funny. Ever stop and just think about how weird and crazy bees are? They just wad up and make honey out of flowers and the flowers are made out of dirt so like, they basically make honey out of dirt, how does that work? Wood also comes out of dirt, think about it.

Man I wish I had a girlfriend. My goal this fall/winter is to get one. I’ve never had one before. I tried talking to a girl last week but then I realized she wasn’t even talking to me she was talking on her phone, how rude.

Have any tips for me on how to get a girl? Please leave me a comment!!